using the new as well dealt with quite Rebel combination on my eyes
I’m about as naturally rebellious as a miniature pony at a 5-year-old’s birthday party, which is to state not extremely rebellious at all.

My concept of shaking things up is playing Katy Perry a bit loudly in my office (shout-out to my next-door neighbors, who’ve heard me sing teen dream at the top of my lungs lots of times).


But the winds, they are a-changin’. I am a bona fide rebel now — a quite Rebel, that is, thanks to as well dealt with Cosmetics, as well as all I have to state is, “Welcome to the Thunderdome, b*tches! Sh*t just got real!”

WARNING: You may discover yourself pumping your fists randomly toward strangers when you wear this limited-edition eyeshadow palette. I did when I opened the door this morning to state hi to our FedEx guy.

He was like, “Hi. Miksi teet tuota? I like your eye makeup. You’re making me a bit nervous.”


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

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Pretty Rebel is the star attraction in the as well dealt with Cosmetics autumn 2013 makeup collection. inside the gold, black as well as pink packaging reside 10 powder eyeshadows, all of which are new shades.

You’ll discover mainly saturated, shimmery colors as well as jewel-toned metallics here, with a sprinkling of mattes as well as glitters — the type of colors I’d be a lot more inclined to wear on a Friday night, rather than a Sunday brunch with the fam.

I dig this combination as well as believe it’s smartly put together; nothing seems out of place.

The balance between bright jewels as well as neutrals tipped the scales for me. There’s just so much you can make with the products as well dealt with included here!

When I opened the combination for the very first time — BAM! — ideal off the bat I started picturing looks, like smokey eyes (black, blue/back, gold/bronze, blue/light blue as well as brown/teal/gold, which is what I’m using in these pics), bright looks (pink, blue or gold, or a combo of all three), as well as shimmery neutral eyes (brown, peach gold, as well as beige).

Oh, the possibilities…

From the left: Dainty, Ringleader, captivating as well as Gangsta
Not sure what to make with the brighter colors like the hot pink? exactly how about layering the black shade, miss Sparkles, underneath ’em? It tones the brighter shades down, making them a lot more wearable.

From the left: Girly, Instigator, absolutely Fetch as well as Badass
I like to wear miss shines underneath the duochrome Girly, which absolutely appears like MAC Club to me. It coaxes out even a lot more of Girly’s eco-friendly tones.

That’s what I did for the look I’m using here…

Miss shines (left) as well as Jailbird (right)
And if basic looks are a lot more your style, quite Rebel has those covered, too. Pat any type of of the shimmery colors on your lids before sweeping a matte brown into your crease.

Don’t have a matte brown around? Ei ongelmaa. try your bronzer! I really utilized as well dealt with Milk chocolate Soleil Bronzer right here in my crease for contrast as well as depth.

MAC In Synch Lip Pencil as well as huge infant Plushglass on my lips; Chanel Revelation Le blush Creme as well as as well dealt with Milk chocolate Soliel Bronzer on my cheeks
But that’s not all. get this: these shades neither lean as well warm nor cool, so a lot of gals/guys must be able to pull ’em off.

Fallout might be an issue, though, particularly with the glittery shades like miss Sparkles, however if you’re truly cautious about tapping the excess from your brush, it’s manageable. To get around it, I do my eyes first, clean up any type of excess with a makeup wipe, as well as then do the rest of my face. The shadows blend so quickly as well as last all the time on top of a primer that I’m ready to let it (the fallout) go.

If you’re trying to find a flexible combination to wear out this fall, you truly can’t go wrong with quite Rebel. Be prepared, though, for a bit fallout.

PRICE: $46
AVAILABILITY: restricted edition, as well as offered now at Sephora, as well dealt with counters as well as likewise online
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For my Chipotle fans out there!

Yesterday was El Hub’s birthday, so I told him that I would take him out to dinner, anywhere he wished to go.

Homeboy selected Chipotle! So birthday burritos it was.

I hadn’t been there in a while as well as observed a new vegan product on the menu called the Sofritas (spicy tofu).

I bought it as well as believed it was great! A bit hotter than I expected, however not unbearably so. fantastic texture, too. Not as well chewy, since you never understand with tofu.


If you’re into veg/vegan meals, provide it a whirl. YUM-O.

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