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I might spend days — actually DAYS! — noting all of my stressors.

In fact, just believing about the length of the listing is completely stressing me out.


Right off the top of my head, there’s…

April 15. likewise understood as tax day ’round these parts. This year will go down in history for me as the year of the excellent Excel Spreadsheet Meltdown. as well as no, not excellent since it was awesome. It was bad, as well as all thanks to one accidental click. Forehead, satisfy desk. Toistaa.

Deadlines. They’re always looming, like dark, upset clouds… Yeah, it’s difficult to put a great spin on the idea of deadlines. You understand it. Ymmärrän sen. In general, they suck.

I’m sure you have your share of stressors, too. Finals, work projects, essential things that absolutely should get done, lest you feel the wrath of your boss/co-workers/partner/children/demanding diva cat, as well as whatever whittles away at your charm time.

One word: argh.


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It’s time to take a few of those 24 hours back. By furnishing yourself with much more makeup as well as charm products that multitask, you can get much more performed in less time.

Here are a few products to assist you primp under pressure…

Clairol good ‘N simple root Touch-Up ($6.99)

Clairol good N’ simple root Touch-Up ($6.99)
I don’t understand about you, however when I go to get my hair colored at the salon, it can turn into a half-day affair.

Well, when you just can’t stand staring at your roots in the mirror any type of longer (been there, done that!), an at-home coloring set like Clairol’s good ‘N simple root Touch-Up ($6.99) can help, particularly if you can’t/don’t want to spend hours in a salon. this is available in 14-shades, so possibilities are there’s one for you.

COVERGIRL Outlast stay fantastic 3-in-1 foundation ($9.35)

COVERGIRL Outlast stay fantastic 3-in-1 foundation ($9.35)
I’m not one to timid away from multi-step makeup, however sometimes, I just have to. If time doesn’t permit my routine primer, foundation as well as concealer, multitasking makeup like COVERGIRL’s $9.35 Outlast stay fantastic 3-in-1 foundation saves the day.

A liquid formula integrating primer, foundation as well as concealer in a single bottle, it shaves minutes off my charm routine (I wear it in golden Tan).

Oh, it lasts a long time, too, so your makeup will go the distance for you.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye cream as well as Lash Serum Duo ($24.99)

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye cream as well as Lash Serum Duo ($24.99)

The magic of multitasking can prolong to skin care as well, with products like Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye cream as well as Lash Serum Duo ($24.99).

It combines a hydrating eye cream with a lengthening lash serum in the exact same practical tube (you just unscrew the top part). It’s likewise smooth sufficient to capture skinny makeup bags for primping on the go.

trick medical stamina tension reaction ($7.99)

Secret medical stamina tension reaction ($7.99)


Long day or night ahead? With prescription-strength wetness protection, trick medical stamina tension reaction has something to state about that. stay dry as well as fresh for 10-12 hours with an odor-absorbing formula that, in the situation of the peaceful Citrus Scent, smells to me like a combination of infant powder as well as peach gummies.

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