dancing with my father at my wedding
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Um…who’s that girl taking silly selfies in the middle of Walgreens?

Oh, hi chocolate!
Yeah, that would be me. Hey, when the urge strikes, you’ve gotta choose it.


I credit report this particular “no shame” moment to my dad, who’s quite possibly the most significant goofball in the entire world.

My father on a common Tuesday…
My father is one of just a handful of people who can make me laugh so hard that my side aches, and I have tears streaming down my face! in some cases he does it with his funny nicknames, like how he calls Tabs “Mister,” as in “Hey, Mister! How’s it going Mister? What are you doing Mister?” He nicknamed all of my stuffed animals (like Andolini the teddy bear…who sends me random texts all the time), and he’s a pro at making up nonsensical song lyrics (something I also do on a daily basis).

Dad goofing off during my wedding, LOL!
I think I also look a lot like my dad. Whenever I would meet a distant relative or family friend for the first time, they’d invariably say, “WOW! You look so much like your dad.”


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Back in the day with my dad!
Of course, I didn’t believe it at the time, but now when I look at old pictures of him from the ’70s around the time that he and my mother immigrated to America, yeah, I see the resemblance, and in some cases I also see it when I look at Connor Claire! — which is kind of magical and freaky at the same time.

My dad’s very outgoing too. He’ll speak with anyone. Seriously, anyone! He can walk up to a complete stranger and within 10 minutes get that person to tell him their life story (this happened A lot on family vacations). I don’t know how he does it, but he always seems at ease in social situations.

I remember one of the company picnics when were all sitting and eating at a table. I got up to get a scoop of ice cream, and when I returned five minutes later, my father had joined a random volleyball game. even though he isn’t athletic and had no idea how to play at all, he was high-fiving his teammates like they’d all been playing together every Sunday for years.

My father with some of his Navy buddies in the ’70s

I think it’s this charisma that gets him into funny predicaments sometimes. My favorite story about my father is one from his high school days. One year he was “accidentally” elected class president. Apparently, he didn’t even want the job, but I guess he was elected without running for the position, haha!

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and speak with my father when he was young, especially when I see old pictures of him and my mother together. They look so hopeful and thrilled about the future.

My mother and father on their wedding day
It was my dad’s idea to leave the Philippines in the ’70s and relocation the family to the Bay Area. It was a big, scary relocation for them, but my dad’s always had an adventurous streak, which is another trait that I think we share.

Like the time I went skydiving but didn’t tell my parents, whoops! When my mother found out, she lectured me for 20 minutes about how irresponsible it was to hurl my body out of a plane without mentioning it to them beforehand. My dad, on the other hand, asked 1) why I didn’t invite him and 2) if I took any pictures while I was up there. A classic father move!

Speaking of classics, that’s why I chose this Hallmark Father’s Day card for my father this year.

Father’s Day is best around the corner (June 19)
Doesn’t the car look like it’s about to jump off the card?
It’s from the Hallmark signature line of handcrafted cards, which often come with little extras like keepsakes, garland and charms.

I found it at Walgreens the other day when I popped in to get a card and pick up some nail polish and chocolates for myself. Ba-bing, ba-bang! I was in and out.

I liked this particular card because of the classic car on the front. I typically opt for funny or silly cards for father or cards with animals on them, because he loves animals just as much as I do. (When I was a kid, he was always bringing home strays! Our backyard was like a petting zoo.) and there were also lots of those kinds of cards, but this year I wanted to get him something different.

Niin totta!
I think my father will appreciate this one not only because he’s one of a kind, but he’s also a recreational mechanic.

Vroom! Vroom!
He’s been a retired accountant for over a decade, but he always keeps busy, whether it’s by learning how to fix cars, or gardening, or getting an x-ray technician’s certificate just because he can.

He’s kind of a jack-sellaisia, kuten niin, kokeile aina jotain uutta.

Chillin ‘minun pops ja panda karhu


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