using MAC Beth Ditto shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner in Beth Mask on my eyes, Powder to the people on my cheeks as well as pro Longwear Lipcreme in Dear Diary on my lips

Turn it up, y’all! That sailor wishes to party. Isn’t that right?


Hey, Sailor! You want to party, right? Well there’s a celebration over here!

Come on, women as well as guys, let’s turn up the music, begin our heels, as well as let down our hair. It’s time for two new collections to take center stage at MAC.

The 24-piece Beth Ditto as well as 17-piece laid-back Colour collections are already busting moves online, however the counter celebration doesn’t begin till next week, June 7 right here in North America, as well as internationally later the exact same month.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

For the Beth Ditto collection, MAC worked together with the singer-songwriter herself, as well as I pumped up her jams (thanks, YouTube!) while I swatched as well as took photos today.

Look at those marvelously bright pro Longwear Lipcreams down there in Dear Diary (two words: neon pink) as well as BOOYAH!! (kirkas oranssi).

From a advertising standpoint, you just can’t go wrong with a name like “BOOYAH!!” I mean, if a reviewer didn’t like the color, what are they gonna say? “I dislike BOOYAH!!”

Booyah !! With a name like that, it’s just difficult to paint it in a unfavorable light.

Not that I would, since I believe it’s great.

Listening to Beth, with my arms, eyes as well as lips all covered in makeup, I had the desire to roller skate around my community with my boombox today. great thing I can’t discover my old roller skates…but I did air snap, neck roll as well as vogue in my space a lot more than when this afternoon.

I feel like MAC caught Beth’s ferocity (fierceness?) extremely clearly in the collection’s lipsticks. They’re bold, as well as they make a statement, like she performs in a few of her videos with adventurous makeup.

The only thing is, I’m not so sure that exact same ferocity likewise comes across in the eye products…

The shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners as well as Zoom Lash Mascaras are quieter than I expected.

Shh… like the cooks in the MAC kitchen area were having a party, as well as then all of the unexpected somebody starting banging on the walls as well as endangering to phone call the cops unless they turned the music down, so they did.

I will state that I truly like their flexibility. You can wear them individually or layered together. I’m not sure yet if they’re authorized for utilize on the water line, however I’ll discover out as well as let you know.

The watercolor high quality of the colors in Powder to the people likewise shocked me. From the look of the bright polka dots in the pan, I expected a lot more POW! — lively pops of color. however on my skin, the shades really apply rather soft as well as sheer.

I requirement to spend a lot more time with the collection before choosing whether it makes me want to dance or provides me the blues. For now, though, huge snaps for the the pro Longwear Lipcremes. That much is for sure.

As for the the second collection, the laid-back, brunch-ready laid-back Colour, I tried three of the eight potted lip as well as cheek creams in lazy Sunday (a infant pink), weekend vacation (a awesome increased crème) as well as Out for fun (a awesome coral crème).

So far, so good.

They’re like Ryan Gosling’s character in Drive, slick as well as smooth. The surface has just the faintest recommendation of a sheen, as well as they’re incredibly simple to apply.

Still have to test them for wear time, however I absolutely like what I see.

Powder to the People

From the left: BOOYAH!!, Heart Hangover as well as Dear Diary

Clockwise from the hot pink: Dear Diary, Heart Hangover as well as BOOYAH!!

Shade & Smoke Shadow / Liner

From the bottom to the top: bit miss Moffet, Beth or Glory, Beth Mask as well as Drag, Strip

Zoom Lash Mascara in new Hue, Plum Reserve as well as Blue Charge

MAC laid-back Colour

Clockwise from the light pink pan on the lower left: lazy Sunday, weekend vacation as well as Out for Fun

Swatches from the left, shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners in #1 Beth Mask, #2 Beth or Glory, #3 Drag, strip as well as #4 bit miss Moffett; Zoom Lash ripsiväri # 5 Plum Reserve, # 6 Sininen maksu sekä # 7 uusi sävy; Pro Longwear Lipcremes # 8 Boyah !!, Hyvä päiväkirja sekä sydän krapula

Powder to the people shades swatched individually on the left as well as swirled together on the right

Casual Colour in lazy Sunday, weekend vacation as well as Out For Fun

Wearing Powder to the people on my lids, Zoom Lash in Plum Reserve on my lashes as well as laid-back Colour in lazy Sunday on my cheeks

Wearing shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner in Beth Mask on my lids, Zoom Lash in Plum Reserve on my lashes

MeAring Shade & Smoke Shadow / Liner Beth Maskissa minun kansi, zoomaus Lash Plum Reserve minun ripset, jauhe ihmisille posket sekä pro longwear lipcreme in booyah! huulillani

Pro Longwear Lipcreme sydämen krapulassa

Jauhe kansiin kansani kanssa, zoom ripsi luukku Reserve minun ripset sekä rento väri laiska sunnuntaina poskillani samoin kuin huulet

Casual väri viikonloppu loma posket sekä huulet

Casual Väri ulos hauskaa posket ja huulet

Mac Beth Ditto Collection

Pro Longwear Lipcreme, $ 17.00 USA.S./$20.00 CDN
â € ¨Love pitkän matkan – kevyt mauve
Olet paras jo – neutraali vaaleanpunainen
Booyah !! – Kirkas oranssi
Hyvä päiväkirja – kirkas neon vaaleanpunainen € ¨Heart krapula – syvä violetti

Lip lyijykynä, 14,00 dollaria U.S. /$16.50 CDN
 € Synch – kirkas keltainen vaaleanpunainen
Omaksua minut – loistava vaaleanpunainen fuchsia
Viihdyttää minua – selvästi oranssi
Nightmoth – Blackened Plum

Mâ ™ AÂ ™ C SHADE & Smoke Shadow / Liner, 22,00 dollaria U.S./$26.00 CDN
â € ¨Little Miss Moffet – True Black Liner / True White Shadowâ € ¨
Vedä, nauha – Smoky Navy Liner / vaalean sininen Shadowâ € ¨
Beth Mask – Reddish Brown Bronze Liner / Golden Peach Pink Shadow
â € ¨Beth tai Glory – Deep Brown Liner / kirkas sininen varjo

Zoom Lash ripsiväri, 15,00 dollaria U.S./$18.00 CDN
Plum Reserve – Vaalea Violetti violetti
Uusi väri – Blacked Burgundy
Sininen maksu – Deep Navy Blue

Zoom Quick Black Lash, $ 15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN
â € ¨Zoom Quick Black Lash – Musta

LiquidtLast Liner, $ 18.50 U.S./$22.00 CDN
â € ¨Pusta musta – musta

Nail Lacquer, $ 15.00 USA.S./$18.00 CDN
Lähellä Beth Experience – Lighty Ellow (Creme)
Elämä sekä Beth – Milky Peach (Creme)
Vagabondage – Mid-Tone Lavender (Creme)
Nocturnelle – musta (Creme) â € ¨

Mâ ™ Aâ ™ C jauhe ihmisille, $ 38.00u.s ./$ 45.00cdn

7 Lash, $ 15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN

MAC RET-Back Color Collection

Studio Repair Lash, $ 15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN
Musta korjaus – musta

Casual Color, $ 20.00 U.S./$24.00 CDN
On viehättävä päivä! – Neutraali nude (creme)
Lazy Sunday – Infant Pink (Creme)
Viikonloppu – Awesome lisääntynyt (Creme)
Rentoutuminen – lämmin vaaleanpunainen (creme)
Pidä se löysällä – lämmin persikka (creme)
Pidä se rento – lämmin valkoinen viini (Creme)
Ilta Stream – Violet Cream (Creme)
Out Fun – Awesome Coral (Creme)

Mineralisointi SkinFinish Natural, $ 29.00 USA.S./$34.00 CDN
Keskikokoinen – pehmeä kermainen beige (neutraali)

Prep + Prime Highlighter, 23,00 dollaria USA. /$27.50 CDN
Valoisa ennuste – Mid-Tone Peacy Coral
Kevyt parannus – pehmeä keltainen kerma

Nail Lacquer, 16,00 dollaria USA.S./$19.00 CDN
Style Idea – pehmeä vaaleanpunainen nude (creme)
Kiitos – Mid-Tone lämmin vaaleanpunainen (Creme)
Baletti – Pale Sheer Ballet Pink (Creme)
Tangerine Fizz – Mid-Tone Orange Coral (Creme)

Brush, $ 42.00 US $ 42.50 CDN
187 Duo Fiber Face


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