From top to bottom, the three MAC Objects of Affection Lip Gloss sets in nude and Red, nude and Coral, and Pink and Plum ($35 each, $42 CAD)
It’s Christmas morning.

You tear open an oddly shaped present with shiny reindeer wrapping paper and find a plastic banana holder.


You consider this for a moment…

Do you jump up and down with enthusiasm, so happy to finally have a place to store a banana?

No, you do not, and I can say this with certainty because I actually did receive a plastic banana holder last year as a gift, and I did not jump up and down with enthusiasm.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Now, had I opened the same present and found one of the three new MAC Objects of Affection Lip Gloss sets instead ($35 each, $42 CAD), things would have been different. I would have leaped and kicked and danced in my flannel pajamas because unlike MAC’s regular holiday eyeshadow palettes and brush sets, which can be hit or miss, their gloss sets tend to consistently delight me.

In my experience, the glosses in their holiday sets are right up their with the glosses in MAC’s permanent line in terms of quality, making them good bets for gift giving.

I’ve gifted past MAC holiday gloss sets to beauty gals of all ages over the years, from my teenage cousins to my 80-something-year-old glam granny, and they’ve always been hits. even my BFF Cindy, who’s aggressively anti-makeup, hasn’t groaned when I’ve given her one of them. That has to tell you something.

This year, there are three lip gloss sets in the MAC holiday collection — nude and Red, Pink and Plum, and nude and Coral. Each one comes with three mini Cremesheen Glasses and a mini Dazzleglass.

I love these two formulas, especially during the cooler months. Unlike the Lipglasses, they aren’t sticky, so my hair doesn’t get stuck to my lips when it’s windy. They’re also moisturizing and shiny, to boot.

I don’t mind having to reapply them every two to three hours because of how good they feel on my lips, like Zella hoodies in gloss form.

The three MAC Objects of Affection Lip Gloss Sets: Overview

If you’re looking for variety, grab the nude and Coral set. It has a good mix of sheer and fully pigmented shades.

If you want glosses for layering, go for Pink and Plum. Its three sheerest shades really come into their own when layered on top of lipsticks. There’s also a more intensely pigmented bright blue pink in the set for a fun pop of color.

If you go gaga for classic makeup looks, don’t miss nude and Red. Its three neutral nudes and bright raspberry red go well with makeup standards like cat eyeliner and smokey eyes.

The nude and Coral Lip Gloss Set

Cremesheen Glass in Stately Shimmer
Cremesheen Glass in fashion Whim
Cremesheen Glass in Rising Sun
Dazzleglass in Courtley Coral
Nude and Coral Lip Gloss Swatches from the left: Stately Shimmer, fashion Whim, Rising sun and Courtly Coral
The Pink and Plum Lip Gloss Set

Cremesheen Glass in fashion Scoop

Cremesheen Glass in Pagoda

Cremesheen Glass in Loud & Lovely

Dazzleglass in Rags to Riches
Pink and Plum Lip Gloss set swatches from the left: fashion Scoop, Pagoda, Loud & lovely and Rags to Riches
The nude and Red Lip Gloss Set

Cremesheen Glass in Paper Lantern
Cremesheen Glass in Dynasty at Dusk
Cremesheen Glass in Deelight
Dazzleglass in love Alert
Nude and Red Lip Gloss set swatches from the left: Paper Lantern, Dynasty at Dusk, Deelight and love Alert
Really, though, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these sets (but the nude and Coral one is my fave).

Whenever MAC releases new holiday gloss sets, I usually react the same way as I do when I’m flipping through the channels and see a lifetime movie involving a woman in peril fighting some form of demon possession… For real, though! There’s something about a homegirl battling the supernatural that gets me every time.

Same goes for these gloss sets.

The three limited edition sets will be available online October 27, and at North American MAC counters and stores November 6 through January 1 (internationally, some time during November).

PRICE: $35 each, $42 CAD
AVAILABILITY: limited edition, online October 27, and at North American MAC counters and stores November 6 through January 1 (internationally, some time during November)
MAKEUP and beauty blog RATING: A+

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P.S. In other MAC news…

For the makeup-loving film buffs among us, there’s a new documentary coming out next month called It’s Not Over, a feature-length film made possible by the MAC aids Fund.


The film follows three young people in India, South Africa and the U.S. facing different challenges involving HIV/AIDS.

It airs November 19 in the U.S. on Netflix, SnagFilms and Pivot TV, and then worldwide on world aids Day, DecemBER 1. Olen aina kunnioittanut Macin työstään Mac Aids -rahastolle, joten tein vain muistiinpanon kalenterini katsella sitä.

Ihmettelen, jos tulen kaikki seitsemän vuodenaikaa Gilmore-tyttöjen jälkeen. Hmm …