The five Le Vernis nail polishes in Couleurs Culte De Chanel, $27 each
I try to make the meetings when I can, but it’s hard. There’s always so much to do and so little time…

What meetings, you ask?


Oh, the meetings of the Chanel Couleurs Culte de Chanel (“Cult of Chanel Colors,” merci to those years of high school French) — not to be confused with the Cult of Chanel Quads, Cult of Chanel Fragrances, or Cult of Chanel Quilted Bags, to which I also belong.

I’ve typically wondered aloud to my plus-size, Chanel-loving tabby cat/freeloading boarder, “Why don’t they [Chanel] just consolidate all of the many mini Chanel cults into a single mega one?” but he just stares back at me, purrs and blinks his big, dumb eyes.

God, I love that cat…


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

The agendas for Chanel Cult meetings are closely guarded, and I can’t reveal the topics we discuss or the secret handshake, but I am at liberty to say that we spend hours asking ourselves, “What would Karl do?”

(We also pet long-haired, fluffy white cats that resemble Choupette.)

Sometimes, we’ll put our hair up in ponytails and pull on pairs of black fingerless gloves. then we’ll form a circle, hold hands and sway back and forth to Bizarre love triangle by new Order.

Of course, ongoing membership requires the wearing of Chanel nail polish.

These days, many of our members have been wearing one of the five new Chanel Couleurs Culte de Chanel shades ($27 each). The creative types among us will typically mix and match shades, which there’s a policy against (but we’ll usually look the other way).

Chanel Couleurs Culte de Chanel is a precise, concise collection of five iconic Chanel nail shades that I feel accurately convey Coco’s aesthetic, but I can’t help but wonder — where the hell is Vamp??

Wait — Rouge Noir? Vamppi? Are you guys twins?

Four of the five are permanent collection products, while the remaining one, Rouge Noir, is limited edition.

One coat seems to be enough for each of the darker colors — Pirate, Rouge Noir, Particuliere and Black Satin — as well as Beige, the lightest lacquer in the group, which looks cute to me, albeit very sheer, applied with one coat, or fully opaque with three.

Okay, enough talk. Hold onto your pearls, and let’s take a look…

Rouge Noir, two coats
Rouge Noir: A creamy blackened red the color of sangria or, um, dried blood (I think I watched one too many episodes of law & Order: SVU last weekend).

Pirate, two coats
Pirate: Don’t forget to wear this eye-catching, super classic cherry red on September 19 (Talk like a Pirate Day), or the next time you sail the seven seas (whichever comes first).

I love this color, and I bet Captain Jack Sparrow would, too, as the red should contrast with his black liner nicely.

Particuliere, two coats

Particuliere: This creamy taupe goes with everything! It reminds me of the smooth river rocks I collect and the painted walls in the pictures inside catalogs from Crate & Barrel or West Elm.

Beige, three coats
Beige: look closely, and you may see this polish’s pinkish, pearly sheen. I like that extra touch, but this color can be a little streaky if I’m not careful.

Black Satin, two coats
Black Satin: like the shiny patent-leather toe on a pair of Chanel flats…

So who might love this collection?

Well, you — if it takes you less than a split second to tell the difference between a Chanel classic Flap Bag and the 2.55 Flap Bag, or if you’ll buy a jar of Sublimage Eye cream without batting an eye, which is just to say that each bottle costs $27…and it wouldn’t be too tough to find similar colors for less.


I’m a long-time drinker of Coco’s Kool Aid, though, so I’m a big fan.

PRICE: $27 each
AVAILABILITY: available now at Chanel counters and also online
MAKEUP and beauty blog RATING: A- (pretty pricey and dupable)

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