wearing the NARS Numéro 2 false eyelashes ($20, one of eight styles)
Should you ever feel like your makeup mojo has pulled an Elvis and left the building (or has just gone on short-term hiatus), I highly suggest applying a pair of false lashes — the longer and much more luscious the better, like the reusable Numéro 2 Eyelashes by NARS ($20 each, and one of eight styles).

“A medium-length false lash set with uniform volume from corner to corner, Numéro 2 Eyelashes’ full span expertly walks the line between boldness and subtlety. developed to become a lash wardrobe staple. named for the second model to walk the runway in a fashion show lineup. Versatile, reusable. made for everyday use.”


I swear, whenever I wear the Numéro 2s, I feel like my eye makeup and I go into lady boss mode. It’s kind of like swapping out your off-white lunch lady comfort shoes for a pair of black patent-leather stiletto heels… Meow! Don’t mess with this girl, because she has claws, and she’s not scared to use ’em.


The Numéro 2s are one of eight new reusable (you just have to be careful with them), natural-fiber false eyelash styles from NARS, all of which have their own distinct flava, and they’re one of my favorites in the line.

NARS Eyelashes Numéro 2
See how the lashes are about the same length all the way across the spine? The Numéro 2s are developed to fake a full, lush fringe, and my lashes certainly feel lush when I wear them. because they’re hella long.

Not like Beyonce-writhing-on-the-floor-in-a-video long, but probably too long to wear to your in-laws’ house for Tuesday dinner.


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They’re probably better for wearing to a club with pals on a Friday night, or for sitting in your office while your cat takes a nap (which is happening where I am best now).

I really like the length of these lashes, because they’re noticeably long, but I don’t see them out of the corner of my eye, so they don’t interfere with my peripheral vision (an actual problem with some false eyelashes sometimes).

They’re reasonably lightweight, too, although not as lightweight as my go-to Eylure 117s. They aren’t uncomfortably bulky, but I can certainly feel them on my lash lines.

If you’re gonna wear them out (and I think you should!), here are a few things that might help…

A pair of scissors — Out of the box, the Numéro 2s are a little larger than average for a pair of false lashes, and I have to trim them down on the ends to get them to fit my eyes.

Lash glue — NARS doesn’t include lash glue with their false lashes, so you have to offer your own. I just use the lash glue that comes with the Eylure lash kits, which are wonderful in their own best and very affordable. It works fine, and I like that it doesn’t have a scent (unlike the popular Duo Lash Glue, which smells like rotten fish and stank man feet).

A lash application tool — To help tuck in the sides (please don’t poke your eye out!). I typically skip the applicator and just use my fingers with many false eyelashes, but I need a tool with this pair for some reason.


I think it does help to have a little previous false eyelash experience when it concerns applying these Numéro 2s. If this is your first time with falsies ever, they might feel unpleasant (they are not as light as a feather). Also, no gorilla man hands when pulling them off, because they are somewhat delicate.

PRICE: $20 each, one of eight styles
AVAILABILITY: available now in the NARS permanent line online and at NARS boutiques, stores and and counters
MAKEUP and charm blog RATING: B/B+

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