using the new NARS all the time luminous Powder foundation broad Spectrum SFP24 ($48)
Of all my many makeup as well as beauty pursuits, like the quests for huge hair, rich lashes as well as behaved brows (frickin’ Raul!), the quest for luxurious-looking skin consumes the most time.

I’m always looking for that expensive, extravagant Louis Vuitton skin look…without having to spend genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills money.




And hella expensive (looking).


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Available in 13 shades, the new $48 NARS all the time luminous Powder foundation delivers precisely that, as well as it’s a revelation, particularly when it’s used with a wet sponge (I utilize a beauty Blender).

It’s the stuff of my most radiant, soft matte surface dreams (in somewhat tricky packaging).

The light shades
My huge fear with powder foundations is that they’ll look thick as well as heavy on my combination skin, since many of them do, however NARS all the time luminous does not. The fine, silky powder formula looks as well as feels lightweight, while the surface falls somewhere between dewy as well as matte.

Coverage varieties from light to medium, depending upon exactly how you apply them. When I utilize a dry sponge or brush, the protection is at its lightest. The formula does even out my skin tone a little, however a few of the natural redness in my cheeks still peeks through, as well as I can still see my freckles. used this way, the look is super casual.

The medium shades
The medium-dark shades
Using a sponge or beauty Blender to apply them kicks up the protection a notch. For the greatest protection (medium), I like to apply a 50/50 mix of Stromboli as well as Tahoe, since together they’re a better match to my skin tone than any type of of the 13 private shades, with a wet beauty Tehosekoitin. That keeps my freckles on the down-low as well as makes sure that no red on my cheeks sneaks through.

I’m definitely partial to applying these with the wet sponge (I utilize a patting as well as rolling motion). I believe that method the look is more natural.

These don’t take long to apply, either. I can have a full deal with of foundation applied, mixed as well as performed in 3-4 minutes.

Swatches of all 13 shades

More thoughts on NARS all the time luminous Powder foundation broad Spectrum SPF24

A versatile coverage. protection varieties from light to medium, depending upon exactly how they’re applied. I prefer applying them with a wet sponge for medium coverage, as well as since I believe it looks the most natural.

Aurinkosuoja. since these contain SPF 24, I was worried they’d look cool under a flash, however I don’t see any type of of that frustrating white cast in my photography, which is great.

Sweet radiate control. all the time luminous Powder does a great task of keeping the oil in inspect on my oily-dry combination skin, as well as it lasts. I only begin to see shiny areas at around the 7-8 hour mark.

Lovin’ the long-lasting oil-free formula. It’s non-comedogenic as well as free of parabens, alcohol, fragrance as well as talc.

Decent shade variety (although I don’t see a perfect match for me). Not the widest choice (maybe they’ll add more), however there are 13 shades, with a nice variety for different undertones.

That middle pan there has a tendency to flip as well as flop back as well as forth…
My biggest complaint is with the packaging. The powder pan flips as well as flops around whenever I open as well as close the compact, as well as it’s a bit annoying. If I fail to remember myself as well as whip it open as well fast, bit pieces of powder break off around the edges of the pan.

Before as well as after
Overall, though, I truly such as this foundation. With a soft as well as lovely, natural-looking matte finish, lovely protection as well as an easy-to-use formula, it’s a excellent option if you’re looking for light-to-medium coverage.

Don’t fail to remember that wet sponge, though. It’s totes key.

PRICE: $48
AVAILABILITY: coming to the NARS long-term line September 20 at NARS shops as well as on the internet at, as well as October 1 to NARS counters at department as well as specialty stores
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: B+/A- (I only desire there was a better match to my skin tone among the 13 shades)

The 13 NARS all the time luminous shades include…

Siberia — light with a neutral balance of pink as well as yellow undertones

Mont Blanc — light with pink undertones

Deauville –light with a neutral balance of pink as well as yellow undertones

Fiji — light with yellow undertones

Punjab — medium with golden, peachy undertones

Vallauris — medium with pink undertones

Santa Fe — medium with peachy undertonesStromboli – Medium, jossa oliivipohjat

Barcelona – Medium Golden, Peachy Undertones

Syracuse – keskipitkä tumma ruskeat aluston

Tahoe – keskikokoinen karamelli-aluston

Cadiz – keskipitkä tumma karamellilla sekä punaisilla alustoilla

Macao – keskipitkä tumma keltaisella undertones

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