The new $36 benefit Groovy Kind-a Love
I tried hard not to think about Phil Collins today while playing with Benefit’s new $36 Groovy Kind-a love holiday kit…but it was really, really hard, man.

I told myself, “Focus! think about the eyeshadows!” (There are four of them, all neutrals and very wearable.) and “Get your head in the game, Karen! You could use the blush combo as a highlighter if you layer it on top of Benetint.”


But nooOOOoo. I just kept hearing Phil ask, “Wouldn’t you agree? Baby, you and me, got a groovy kind of love?”


That tune is etched in my mind as the song my college neighbor played whenever a girl would break up with him.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

He’d play it on full blast, too, and whenever Phil got to the chorus, the guy’s dog would get in on the action and start howling.

It was…sweet, and yet also painful.

Hopefully, wearing this limited edition eye and cheek kit will paint a different, but just as groovy, kind of love on my memory banks.

There’s a lot to like about it. It must have been designed with girls who love natural-looking pink cheeks and shimmery brown, beige and gold eyes in mind (like me!).

Eyeshadow swatches: Tickle My Ivory, Gilt-y Pleasure, Shimmer Down and Kiss Me I’m Tipsy
Dandelion blush on the left and Gimme Fever blush on the right
From the left: Benetint, They’re real Mascara and The Porefessional
I want to try layering the eyeshadows on top of a shimmery bronze or matte black base, but I’m not sure if the pigments are potent enough for darker damsels. Wetting your brush first and applying them wet should increase the intensity.

All in all, I think Benefit’s got another cute kit here at a decent price — one that ought to work well with a wide range of lip colors, from nude to bright.

PRICE: $36
AVAILABILITY: Coming soon to benefit counters, but available now online
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Ystävällinen naapuruston kauneuden addikti,


P.S. Why can’t Mondays ever be easy, babe? now I know why Garfield hated them so much…


I hope yours wasn’t too rough. Mine was OK, but it felt long. the best part was probably the bomb-@ss stir fry I made for dinner with baked teriyaki tofu, green onions and broccoli, seasoned with a little soy sauce and sesame oil.

So yum…

Now I’m just watching The Voice and admiring everybody’s makeup. nuku hyvin.