welcome to my safe place…the shoe department
I couldn’t concentrate my way out of paper bag this afternoon, so I left Tabs a note and took the afternoon off!

I wrote the words, “fashion emergency,” but what I implied was, “I desperately need to look at shoes, and I need to look at them NOW.”


Minä en tiedä. Jalkineet. It just soothes me.

I headed to the DSW about a half a mile away here in Novato. because it’s finally warm enough to bust out the sandals and put away the boots, and because my current casual shoes all look like Tabs has been using them to test his claws (he hates anything that isn’t haute couture), I went with the goal of finding a cute, comfy pair of shoes for spring.

Soon as I got there (my safe place!), I tried on a pair of mint flats by Steve Madden.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Ihana! — but my toes were sweating within 30 seconds. Kulkea.

Niin söpö! So sweaty! Mint patent flats by Steve Madden ($39.95)
Then I stumbled on these striped flats by Dr. Scholl’s…

These $49.95 striped cuties by Dr. Scholl’s are the comfiest flats I’ve ever worn!
Feelin’ extra short…

I loved the bright, joyful stripes, and when I slipped them on, I felt like I was floating on a cloud…

Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure about the buckle, and that sort of put me on the fence about them, so I messaged my friend Jen for advice.

She liked ’em, too, but there was that buckle… I mean, I just couldn’t get over the buckle. The much more I looked at it, the much more it looked like the green Bay Packers logo to me.

So I passed.

Go Pack!
After I put the shoes back on the shelf, I wandered around some much more and waited for inspiration to strike.

Bright shiny yellow heels by Audrey Brooke ($39.95)
The floral version
Cute print on these $59.95 Audrey Brooke heels
The leather on these black $59.95 Calvin Klein sandals felt so soft…
Rampage polka-dot heels ($39.95 each)
$49.95 polka-dot espadrilles by White Mountain
Not Rated polka-dot heels ($44.95)
Love this bow…
Um…that’s a lot of stripes, but I could fit Tabs in this poverty flats bag
A starfish for my beach babes! DV Dolce Vita sandals ($39.95)
I’m getting a Greek goddess vibe from these DV Dolce Vita sandals ($49.95)
Love the braiding on this silver pair…
Cute turquoise accents on these Ann Marino sandals ($44.95)

When inspiration struck, I was taking a look at these platforms by Franco Sarto ($59.95, which isn’t too bad)!

Come to mama!
The leather felt good and soft, and the heel wasn’t too high (I think the platforms make them seem taller).


Now it was just a matter of deciding between the sassy teal number or the useful nude…

After much deliberation and careful thought, I went with the teal. I figured they’d jazz up plain jeans and dresses pretty well.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


I wonder if Tabs will like them. Mitä mieltä sinä olet?

Ystävällinen naapuruston charmin addict,