Dior’s new Blue Lagoon Eyeshadow combination #374
Believe it or not, this is a tabby’s happy face…

Happy tabby! Oikeasti.
Tabs was thrilled for a number of reasons today.


First, he got to hear one of his extremely preferred songs, Chamillionaire’s Ridin’ Dirty, which I pumped on iTunes while doing this blue as well as eco-friendly eye look with the new Dior $60 Blue Lagoon 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette.

He always stays in the space for Chamillionaire, unlike Maroon 5, of which he’s not a fan (don’t understand why, however he always leaves the space when Adam Levine starts singing). I believe he believes of Ridin’ filthy as his personal anthem.

Picture it, Tabs strutting his stuff while it plays in the background. totally works, right?


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

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Second, Tabs is a snob, or as he likes to put it, has “a taste for the finer things,” like high end makeup, Dior being one of his preferred brands.

Third, this Blue Lagoon is likewise a bird of Paradise, as in the new Paradise summertime collection, of which it’s a part.

Birds? Paratiisi? Tabs?

The combination most likely made him hungry for dinner, however it made me hungry for all of the fun locations I might wear it this summer.

You may be thinking, “but it’s as well shimmery,” as well as well, shimmery shadows that flock to fine lines are for the birds. nothing makes me feel more “Holy sh*t! I am officially a cougar!” than seeing a frosty surface highlight the fine lines around my smiling eyes. however Dior’s Blue Lagoon doesn’t do that.

These shadows have more of a high-shine sheen than a high-wattage shimmer as well as show tons of light without the frosty impact that can highlight fine lines. I believe that’s what makes this combination excellent for all ages, from teens checking out mom’s makeup collection to mature women who like brights.

Dior Blue Lagoon Eyeshadow combination swatches
But my preferred thing is exactly how quickly these colors blend, even with their powerful pigments. Sometimes, since of the time as well as effort it can take, my wrist will ache when I’m trying to blend rich blues as well as eco-friendlies like these.

Dior Blue Lagoon Eyeshadow Palette
This look took me about two runs with Ridin’ filthy to blend, so perhaps about 10 minutes. Ei paha. as well as I didn’t have to contend with any type of fallout.

Dior Blue Lagoon Eyeshadow Palette
I gotta say, when Dior gets it right, they truly get it right. I believe I can even talk my good friend Jen as well as my mom into letting me do their makeup with these shades (and they aren’t huge fans of blue shadows or green).


Best for: gals/guys who understand their method around blues as well as eco-friendlies as well as are looking for a summertime splurge, or the cosmetically curious beginner who doesn’t mind costs a serious chunk of modification on makeup.

Hinta: 60 dollaria
AVAILABILITY: offered now on the internet as well as at Dior counters
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: A

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